Foti, Cotter Win I-A In Playoff

John Foti putts on the 18th green during the final round of the 49th Italian-American Golf Tournament on Saturday at Holiday Valley Resort. Photo by Cam Hurst

Three playoff holes later, John Foti was speechless.

Not only had the 32-year-old son of Rob and Diane Foti and partner Dan Cotter paced day one and two leaders Todd D’Angelo and Joe Willig all day Saturday, but he had minutes earlier sunk a fast 6-foot putt to save face and possibly force a continuation Sunday morning.

But after Willig missed on a subsequent 3-footer, the comeback by Foti and Cotter was officially complete, giving the pair their first overall victory in the 49th Italian-American Charity Golf Tournament at Holiday Valley.

“It’s a huge monkey off my back,” Foti joked, finally finding words for the accomplishment, noting his father Rob’s victories in 1995 and 2010 with partner Craig Lundgren, and brother Dave’s victory in 2014 with Nick Madden.

“To finally win it after my dad and my brother had done so, it’s just amazing,” he said of winning the tournament that has benefitted cancer research since 1971. “It’s such an amazing cause and such an amazing tournament and we grinded all day to get here. It’s just an awesome feeling.”

Dan Cotter hits from a hazard on No. 18. Photo by Cam Hurst

Entering the day down two strokes to D’Angelo and Willig’s 123 overall, Foti and Cotter stayed with the pair, who were last victorious in 2016. After nine holes, the victors had taken a one-stroke lead, yielding it after the 16th before taking it again heading into the 18th hole. But, the pair could not hold the lead, allowing D’Angelo and Willig to tie it to force the playoff. The pair finished having shot a 67 to finish with a combined 192.

Cotter added, “It’s just all for a great cause. I love the cause and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.”

D’Angelo and Willig shot a 69 to also finish with a combined 192. Adam Mason and Patrick MacIntyre led the second flight with a 195. George Panebianco and John O’Mara led the third flight with a 197. Sandy Volpe and Jamie Barton led the fourth flight with a 202. Dave Foti and Nick Madden led the fifth flight with a 200. Mark Panebianco and Sean Larson led the sixth flight with a 206. Chris Cusimano and Josh Nelson led the seventh flight with a 216.

The final putts of the 49th Annual Italian-American Charity Golf Tournament (video courtesy of Cam Hurst):

John Foti-Dan Cotter 192

Todd D’Angelo-Joe Willig 192

Chris Cusimano-Josh Nelson 216
Vic Tarana-Randy Ordines 221
Steve Cusimano-Tad Wright 221

Mark Panebianco-Sean Larson 206
John Panebianco-Nelson Johnson 208
Pete Pillittierri-Andy Sandstrom 210

Dave Foti-Nick Madden 200
Chris D’Angelo-Craig Knorr 206
Tony Vitello-John Deppas 211

Sandy Volpe-Jamie Barton 202
Tom Tantillo-Nick Bell 202
Joe Vitello-Kevin Thorpe 204

George Panebianco-John O’Mara 197
Joe Frangione-Tyler Nelson 198
Tom D’Angelo-Steve Johnson 199

Adam Mason-Patrick McIntyre 195
Jon Scalise-Kurt Eimiller 199
Jordan Bardon-Jordan Woleen 200

John Foti-Dan Cotter 192
Todd D’Angelo-Joe Willig 192
Sam Peppy-Charlie Moss 195

Original article by The Post-Journal.

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