How to Play

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Italian-American Point System

The 1987 Revised Tap Point System will be used to qualify all entries.

  • PLAYER – one who plays in the event (1 point).
  • REPLIER – one who replies with expressed interest to play or acknowledges they can’t play in the event for that year (1/2 point).
  • WORKER – A working point can be awarded with a recognized effort up to eight hours, or by committee discretion (1 point).
  • DONOR – one who has made a minimum donation of $50 in money or merchandise (2 points).

– The total accumulative points earned in the previous 4 years is used to qualify.
– (Point ties will be resolved according to the Guidelines established by the committee)
– Interested in becoming a part of the Italian-American Charity Golf Tournament? Email

Double Black Diamond at Holiday Valley: Golf Course Overview

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