A Letter from the Committee

The Italian-American Charity Golf Association was an idea that came to fruition in 1971 headed by 13 original committed men. This year marks our 53rd anniversary of an event that has brought so many individuals of different cultures together for a common bond. This was the vision of the original committee and has remained strong since its inception.

During this time there has been 14 chairmen, 73 committee members including an Honorary Chairman, and countless volunteers that have given so much of themselves to ensure the success of our tournament. A yearly celebration of Italian-American Heritage and good will was a unique way to establish the event and benefit a cause which continues to this day.

The tournament has been played at 3 different golf courses, Jackson Valley, Peak and Peek, and our current location Holiday Valley where it has been played since the 21st tournament. This unique event has become a family tradition with several generations of players participating.

The never-ending commitment of this organization’s vision has been to “Stamp out Cancer in our Lifetime.” As new therapies and technologies have improved the mission, quality of life has significantly improved for those afflicted, however there remains much work to be done. The American Cancer Society along with local Cancer Care programs at WCA and UPMC Chautauqua have benefitted significantly from the proceeds of our fund-raising efforts. In addition, our partnership with Chautauqua Hospice and Palliative Care continues to grow. The local community, and businesses have allowed our initiative to move forward with continued success. We are humbled and grateful for their unwavering support.

As the Italian-American Charity Golf Association has successfully moved into our next half century of community giving and the celebration of our great heritage, we hope to build on our foundation that will help us sustain continued success.

Last year our fundraising efforts allowed us to surpass 1.7 million dollars in donations firmly putting us on path towards our next milestone of 2 million dollars.


The Italian-American Charity Golf Association

Join us in the effort to "Stamp out Cancer in our Lifetime"