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Alaimo, Judge Anthony By Tim Magnuson
Albrecht, Leslie C. By John Lisciandro
Anastasakis, Pete By his Wife
Andalora, Joe By Josephine
Anderson, Art “Red” & Maryann By Mike and Nancy Anderson
Anderson, Carl O. By Family
Anderson, Charlie By Family
Anderson, Elanor By Son Charlie
Anderson, Maryann S. By Randy And Heidi Anderson
Anderson, Maryann S. By Friends and Family
Anderson, Maryann S. By Tina & Dave Currie
Anderson, Sally By Ron & Jody
Angelotti, Joe & Ann By Joan & Ang Munella
Antonuccio, Mary By Sam Caruso
Antonuccio, Patsy By Sam Caruso
Antonuccio, Rose By Sam Caruso
Baggiano, Frank S. By Family
Barlow, Anthony By Family
Barlow, James By Joe Baggiano
Barlow, James A. Sr. By James Barlow Jr.
Barlow, Jim By Rocky Morgan
Barlow, Jim By IA Committee
Barlow, Jim By Frank Farrell Jr.
Battaglia, M/M James By Family
Bellardo, Dominic By PJ & Vicky Gronquist
Bellardo, Salvator By Friends and Family
Bevacqua, Anthony & Mary By Busty Bevaqua
Bianchi, Guido By Holiday Valley c/o Steve Carney
Blasyak, Gertrude By Anthony & Patricia Buttafaro
Bloomquist, Jeff By Craig Lundgren
Bloomquist, Leonard By Family (John)
Bloomquist, Randy By Jamie Bloomquist & Family
Bandish, Mary By Ben & Ann Conti
Bandish, Mary By Mike Guinta
Brigiotta, Tony “Briggs” By Tom & Family
Brigiotta, Tony “Briggs” By IA Committee
Brigiotta, Tony “Briggs” & Josephine By Thomas and Family
Brown, John R. By SJ Ciancio & Family
Brown, Leota By Bucky Brown
Brunenavs, Jan By Sons Scott, Dan & Mark
Buccola, Joe & Sara By Family
Buccola, Joseph By Family
Buccola, Lory By Family
Buffone, Lucy By Bob & Sally Buffone
Burns, John R. Sr. By Local 338 UAW
Buttafaro, Anna By Anthony & Patricia Buttafaro
Buttafaro, Anna By Family
Buttafaro, Tom By Anthony Buttafaro
Buttafaro, Tom By Dan Lunetta
Caccamise, Dr. George By Ardith Caccamise
Calabrese, Tony By Tom Trusso
Calalesina, Anthony By Tom & Sandy Calalesina
Calalesina, Clarence By Tom & Sandy Calalesina
Calalesina, Tony By The Calalesina Family
Calamunci, All Deceased Family By Dianne & Gus Calamunci
Calamunci, Tom By Kelly and Charlie Moss
Deceased Members of Calamunci Family By Diane and Gus
Calanni, Carl & Nicolino By Calanni Family
Calanni, M/M Carl By Mary D’Angelo
Calanni, Pete By Mary D’Angelo
Calanni, Pete & Cora By Calanni Family
Cammarata, Philip & Cora By M/M Phil Cammarata Jr.
Cammarata, Richard C By M/M Phil Cammarata Jr.
Cappa, Carl By Gus & Dianne Calamunci
Cappa, Carl By Jack & Wilma Twinam
Cappa, Carl M. By IA Committee
Cappa, Carl M. By Brett Cappa
Caprino, Anthony By Josie Caprion & Family
Caprino, Basil “Cappy” By Caprino Family
Caprino, Josephine Liscandro By Caprino Family
Cardinale, Anthony & Mary By Curt Cardinale
Cardinale, Bennie A. By Family
Carlson, Alma / Swartz, Ruth By John & Lillian Nelson
Carlson, Gail By Peter Cardinale
Caruso, Thomas V. By Family
Certo, Tony By M/M John S. Conti
Certo, Tony By M/M Russ Certo
Ciancio, M/M Sebastian Sr. By Son Jr. Ciancio
Ciancio, Pat & Tom By Son Tom Jr.
Cinaglia, Anna By John & Julia Trussalo
Cinaglia, Vincent & Anna By The Cinaglia & Trussalo Families
Coccagnia, Michelina By The Coccagnia Family
Colera, Samuel By Vicki Colwell- AJ’s Texas Hots
Colera, Samuel By Gus & Dianne Calamunci
Deceased Members of Colera Family By Diane and Gus
Colletti, Raffaele By Sylvana Colletti
Condella, Frank “Rags” By Family
Condella, Jim By Ben & Ann Conti
Condella, Joe By Mike
Condella, Sara J. Jim Condella
Condella, Terrance By Mike
Connelly, Olga By Jim Connelly and Family
Consiglio, Rosalie By Family
Consiglio, Rosalie By Geraldine Mazzurco
Consiglio, Vince J. By Jean Moran and Family
Consiglio, Vincent By Jasyn Consiglio
Consiglio, Vincent Jr. By Geraldine Mazzurco
Consiglio, Vincent Sr. By Mrs. Gerri Mazzurco
Constantine, Terry By Ang Volpe, Jr. & Victoria Volpe
Constantino, Joe By Ben & Ann Conti
Conti, Ange & Joe By S. John & Toni Conti
Conti, James V. By Tony & Jeanne Conti
Conti, Joseph A. By Family
Conti, Mary By Rich Conti
Conti, Michael By M/M Richard Conti
Conti, Samuel “Blackie” By (Son) Dominick Conti
Conti, Sarah & Anthony By M/M Tony Foti
Conti, Sarah & Anthony By Family
Conti, Sebastian By Wife & Children
Conti, Sebastian By Richard and Sandy Conti
Cook, Claudia By Husband Randy
Cornell, Lorraine By Bonnie & Marv Eimiller
Cosimano, Michael By Gerald N. & Andrew Greenstein
Cresanti, Peter By Marchiando Family
Cusimano, Fred By Ben Conti
Cusimano, Fred “Anthony” By Chick and Jill
Cusimano, Helen By Ann & Ben Conti
Cusimano, James S. By Bucky Cusimano
Cusimano, Josephine By Ben Conti
Cusimano, Sam By Russ Cusimano & Family
D’Angelo, Carolyn & Marion By D’Angelo Family
D’Angelo, John By Wife & Children
D’Angelo, John “Jiggy” By Benny Conti
D’Angelo, John “Jiggy” By John Nelson
D’Angelo, M/M Marion By Mary D’Angelo
D’Angelo, Marion, Carrie, Ida By D’Angelo Family
D’Angelo, Nick By Nancy
D’Angelo, Nick By Marion & Grace D’Angelo
D’Angelo, Nick By Marion Richard John
D’Angelo, Nick By Jon DeAngelo
D’Angelo, Ralph By Family
D’Angelo, Ralph & Carrie By Ralph D’Angelo & Family
D’Angelo, Ralph & Carrie By Ray Fashano
D’Angelo, Ronda By Dick D’Angelo
D’Angelo, Tom By CCSUA
D’Angelo, Tom By Dave & Ann Knepshield
D’Angelo, Tom By Friends and Family
D’Angelo, Tom By The D’Angelo Family
D’Angelo, Tom By Buzz Montagna
D’Angelo, Tom By Jamestown Moose Lodge 1681
D’Angelo, Tom By Mark Panebianco
D’Angelo, Tom & Sue By Raymond & Jeanine Fashano
Davenport, Carol By Joe & Bernie Palermo
Daversa, Armand “Chico” By David Daversa
DeAngelo, Frank By Jon DeAngelo
DeAngelo, Frank “Babe” By Ben & Ann Conti
DeAngelo, Lydia By Jon DeAngelo
DeAngelo, Michael By Jon DeAngelo
DeAngelo, Mike By Ben & Ann Conti
DeAngeo, Mike Sr. By Chick & Donna Conti
DeMarco, Joe By IA Committee
DeMarco, Joe By Tom and Chris Yocum
DeMarco, Joe By Ben & Ann Conti
DeMarco, Joe “Dee” By Bev, Anthony, and Matthew DeMarco
DeMarco, Joseph By John and Joanne D’Angelo
DeMarco, Joseph By City of Jamestown Streets and Parks Dept
DeMarco, Joe & Phil By Ben & Ann Conti
DeMarco, Phil By Mike Guinta
DeMarco, Phil By Jim, Pattie & Abbie Todaro
DeMarco, Phil By The DeMarco Family
DeMarco, Phil By The Hurtack Family
DeMarco, Phil By The Yocum Family
DeMarco, Phil By Ben & Ann Conti
DeMarco, Phil By Gene & Ann Aversa
DeMarco, Phil By IA Committee
DeMarco, Phil By William Malenga
DeMarco, Tony By The DeMarco Family
Depetro Paterniti, Constance By Family
Deppas, Anthony By Dolly Deppas
Deppas, Dony & Dolly By Son John
DiMaio, Cheryl By The Currie Family
Dinapoli, Louis Sr. By Family
Dispenza, Sam By Pat
Dolce, Joseph (Joey) By Family
Dolce, Tony & Etta Dolce By Friends from Class of 1979
Dull, Nancy B. By Wendy & Bill Ohnmeiss
Durbino, Dorothy By Dennis Boron
Eaton, Dick By Holiday Valley c/o Steve Carney
Eimiller, Bannon By Ben & Ann Conti
Eimiller, Marvine By Bonnie & Marv Eimiller
Ellison, John By Leslie & Joe Liuzzo
Emerling, David By Ben & Ann Conti
Enderson, George W. By Tim Fadale
Enserro, Josephine By Sebastian J. Trusso
Farmer, Patty By Ben & Ann Conti
Farmer, Patricia By Dave Cirincione
Farrell, Frank A. Jr. By Rich Farrell
Farrell, Frank By Mike Giunta
Farrell, Frank By Raymond & Jeanine Fashano
Fasciana, Chick By Ben & Ann Conti
Fasciana, Chick By Beuf and Family
Fasciana, Sam & Margaret By Chick and Jill
Fashano, Chas & Pauline By Raymond Fashano
Fashano, James & Clemintine By Sons
Fashano, James Smasher By Bob Fashano
Fashano, Samuel and Lois By M/M Ray Fashano
Fashano, Samuel and Lois By IA Committee
Fashano, Samuel and Lois By Tom Johnson
Ferraloro, Maria By Sam Boscia Family
Ferrau, Anthony By Ben Conti
Ferrau, M/M Joseph By Joseph Ferrau
Ferrau, Tony By IA Committee
Ferrau, Tony By Mike and Pam LaTone
Foote, Ron By Ben Conti
Foote, Ronald C. By Beverly A. Foote
Foote, Ryan By Chris Pappalardo
Foote, Ryan C. By Beverly A. Foote
Foti, Diane By John & David
Foti, Sandy By Rob and David
Frangione, John By Mike, Tarby and Doc
Frangione, John and Leona By Family
Frangione, John and Nancy By Friends and Family
Frangione, John and Nancy By Todd & Pam
Frangione, John and Nancy By Steve, Jordan and Charlie
Frangione, John and Nancy By Joe & Taryn
Fulford, Sue By IA Committee
Galbato, Anthony By Ben Conti
Galbato, Anthony By Hope’s Windows
Galbato, Anthony T. By Wife
Galbato, Anthony T. By M/M John Young
Galbato, Anthony T. By Jack & Sue Fulford</ td>
Galbato, M/M Joseph By Family
Genco, Decco By Tony Genco
Genco, Loretta By James Genco
Genco, Tony “Little T” By Uncle Tony
Geraci III, John By Joe Paterniti
Geraci III, John By John Geraci & Co Inc.
Geraci III, John By Geraci & Company Inc.
Giambra, Chas & Pauline By Raymond & Jeanine Fashano
Giltinan, Morris E. By Ronald Giltinan
Giuliano, Anne By Jordan & Kylie Coccagnia
Giunta, Jenny By Family
Giomento, Anthony By Ang Volpe, Jr., Victoria Volpe & Sarah Pellerino
Goldman, Simon By IA Committee
Gollnick, David V. By Mason Carvings Sam
Green, MaryAnn By Friends and Family
Green, MaryAnn By Karen Kirchner
Greenstein, Morris L. By Gerald N. & Andrew Greenstein
Greiner, Kerry By Morton Club Beneficiary Association
Gronquist Hoyt, Kay By Family
Gronquist, Evelyn By Family
Gronquist, Fenton By Family
Gronquist, Jon By Family
Gronquist, Jon By Your Partner Forever Matt Trusso
Gronquist, Roger By Family
Gronquist, Wesley By Family
Guarino, Mike By Family
Guarnieri, Cheryl Mari By Mom & Dad
Guarnieri, Cheryl Mari By Guarnieri Family
Guarnieri, John By Sam Mason
Guarnieri, Rose and John By Sons Bob and Don
Guiffreda, Robert By Patrick & Natalie Swanson
Gulino, Sara By Ann and Ben Conti
Gulino, Sue By Ben & Ann Conti
Gullati, Sam By Carl Cappa
Gullo, Carol By Dianne & Gus Calamunci
Haines, Dale By Family
Haines, Dale By Michael & Yvonne Haines
Hall, Woodrow By Bill Miley
Hammond, Ricardo By Michelle & Tom Turner
Hansen, Vernon By Isadore J. Barlow
Hansen, Vernon By Family
Hayes, Phil By Morton Club Beneficiary Association
Heintzelman, George R. “Buzz” By John & David
Heintzelman, Robert G. By Dan & Terese Heintzelman
Heintzelman, Rob By The Gully Guzzlers
Heintzelman, Rob By OM Open
Hens, Tim By Kathy & Rick Joslyn
Hessney, Karen By Wendy & Bill Ohnmeiss
Hilton, Sally Conti By Angelo Volpe Family
Hoff, Joann By Family
Hoff, William By Matt Hoff
Ignace, Dan By George Panebianco & John O’mara
Ignace, Regina By George and John
Jackson, Ange Conti By Donna & Chick Conti
Jackson, Christal By Russ & Robin Bonfiglio
Jacobs, Dale By Tony Jones
Jenkins, Ann By Friends and Family
Johanson, Fred J. By Dan Johanson & Family
Johnson, Doris By Diane Johnson
Johnson, Walt By Wife Diane
Johnson, Walt By Robert G. Johnson
Jones, Raymond and Alberta By M/M Ray Fashano
Klein, Harry By Russ Triscari
Kreiner, Harold F. Jr. “Bud” By JCC Counseling & Career Development Center
Lagrega, Michael “Micky” By M/M Tim Sotir
LaMancuso Mason, Ann By LaMancuso Family
LaMancuso, Ann By Vitello Family
LaMancuso, Ignatius F. By Hon. John LaMancuso & LaMancuso Family
LaMancuso, Ignatius “Frank” By Loretta G. LaMancuso
LaMancuso, John A. Jr. By Sam and Dorothy LaMancuso
LaMancuso, Michael A. By Sam and Dorothy LaMancuso
Laird, John “Jack” Sr. By Lincoln Phillips Family
Lamb, Emma By M/M Dave Melquist
Landy, Decio “Dash” By Family
Larson, Shayne By Mark Panebianco
LaTone Ferrau, Genevieve By Family
Leathers, Steve By Dave & Shelly Leathers
Linstrom, Peggy By M/M John Nelson Sr
Linstrom, Rose Marie Cappa By Ben Conti
Linstrom, Rose Marie Cappa By Jack & Wilma Twinam
Liscandro, Josephine Caprino By Caprino Family
Lisciandro, Bob By Family
Lisciandro, John J. By Family
Lisciandro, Sam & Bea By Jim and Mary McCusker
Lisciandro, Sam & Bea By John and Carol Lisciandro
Lodestro, Lory L. By Lucian & Emily Lodestro
Lombardo, Cos By IA Committee
Lombardo, Cosimo Jr. By Family
Lombardo, Cosimo Jr. By Wife & Family
Lombardo, Phillip P. By Phillip J. Lombardo & Family
Long, Rich By Hans & Kari Auer
Loop, Roger By Sam Caruso
Lopriore, Barbara & Sandra By Dominic Lopriore
Luciano, Dan By Dave Melquist
Lunberg, Ann T. By IA Committee
Malta, Charles Sr. By Carl Malta
Manno, Robert By Mom & Dad
Mangano, Claudia By Ben & Ann Conti
Marchiando, Samuel J. By Family
Marchini, Maria & Mazzurco, Rosa By Gus & Dianne Calamunci
Marco Polo Club –  Deceased Members By Marco Polo Club
Deceased Members of Marco Polo Club By Marco Polo Club
Till, Mabel By James & Cynthia Till
Martinelli, Carmine “Gig” By Tille, Suzan, Stan & Family
Mason, Betti, C. By Joe, Tom, Mari Jo & Sam
Mason, Joseph H. Sr. By Sam Mason
Mason, Joseph H. By IA Committee
Mason, Joseph H. By It’s Your Day
Mason, Joseph H. By Dr. John M. LaMancuso, MD
Mason, Joseph H. By Adam & Nichole Mason
Mason, Joseph S. By Family
Mason, Sam Sr. By Gary Peterson
Mason, Sam Sr. By Family
Mason, Samuel T. By Family
Mason, Samuel T. Jr. By Family
Mastrian, Margaret & Frank By Frangione Family
Mathis, Winnie By Ann & Ben Conti
Mattay, Bonnie By Toni & John Conti
Mattay, Tony By Toni & John Conti
Mazzone, J,P,F By Dolly Deppas
McCusker, Horace M/M By Jim & Mary McCusker
McCusker, Jim By Friends and Family
McCusker, Jim By Joe Paterniti
McKotch, Larry Jr. By Friends and Family
McMasters, Kay Lee By Friends of Martha
McMasters, Richard L. By Wife Kay Lee
Mead, Phillip Jr. By Dave & Shelly Leathers
Mead, Phillip Jr. By Glenview Area Neighbors
Mee, Mr. & Mrs Richard By Joe & Lindsey Vitello
Melice, Samuel M. By Christine R. Melice & Family
Merrill, Irma By Norman Merrill
Messina, Carl By Vincent Messina
Micciche, Gino By Norm Merrill
Migliore, Ronald V. Sr. By Sam Jennifer Mason
Miletti, Dolores Grace By Son Nick
Milioto, Tony Jr. By Ralph D’Angelo
Miley, Mary By Ben & Ann Conti
Mistretta, Joe By Ann & Ben Conti
Mistretta, Joe “Musty” By IA Committee
Mistretta, Tom & Mary By Family
Mistretta, Tom  “Papa” By Grandson Tommy Tantillo
Mole, M/M Henry By Paul
Mole, Paul C. “Big Chief” By Children, Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren
Montagna, Anthony and Bonnie By Buzz & Mary Jo Montagna
Montagna, Mary Jo By David & Tina Currie
Moran, H. Chuck By Jean Moran and Family
Morgan, Rocky By Rich Ruggerio
Munella, Ang By Ann & Ben Conti
Munella, Ang & Joan By Family
Munella, Ben and Peg By Joan & Ang Munella
Munella, Ben and Peg By Family
Munella, Ben and Peg By Jack & Betty
Munella, Michael T. By Nina & Papa
Munella, Michael T. By Ang & Joan
Munella, Mike “Mikey” By Jack, Brenda, Nick & Krysta
Munella, Mikey By Family
Munella, M/M Sam & Marie Barone By M/M Phil DeMarco
Murphy, Jason By Mark Panebianco
Nelson, Janis ByRandy Nelson
Nelson, Lois By Family
Nelson, Patty By Bridal Shoppe
Nelson, Weldon “Sonny” By Family
Noyd, Harold By Family
O’Connor, Susan By Tony Cordosi (Stravato)
O’mara, Steve By George Panebianco & John O’mara
Opdahl, Sylvia M. By Mark & Jen Panebianco
Paladino, Achille By Sam Paladino
Paladino, Doris By Husband Sam
Paladino, Sam By Adam & Nichole Mason
Paladino, Sam By Patti Crist
Paladino, Samuel By Ray & Rosemary Paladino
Palladino, John By Gioconda Calumunci
Palladino, John By Phil & Connie Mead
Panebianco, Ann M. By Family
Panebianco, Ann By George and John
Panebianco, Charles By Friends and Family
Panebianco, Charles By Jim Panebianco
Panebianco, Charles By Mark Panebianco
Panebianco, Charles & Ann By Jim Panebianco
Panebianco, Chaz By John Omara
Panebianco, Chaz By George Panebianco & John O’mara
Panebianco, Joe By Mark
Panebianco, Joe By Rich Fischer
Panebianco, Joe By Gabe
Panebianco, Joe By John S. Conti
Panebianco, Joe By Paul & Sue Harris
Panebianco, Joe By IA Committee
Panebianco, Joseph R. By Rich, Frank, Paul and Marie
Panebianco, Joseph By Thomas Trusso
Panebianco, Lucy By Grandson Mark
Papa, Angelo By Ben & Ann Conti
Papa, Angelo By Tony & Gayle Papa
Pappalardo, Frank By Friends
Pappalardo, Frank By Family
Pappalardo, Fred J. By Family
Pappalardo, Fred J. By Chris
Pappalardo, Fred J. By Ron
Pappalardo, Jessie By Family
Pappalardo, Jody By Ron
Pappalardo, Jody By Chris
Pappalardo, Jody By Chris and Paul
Pappalardo, Joe By Chris Pappalardo
Pappalardo, Joe By Evelyn Pappalado
Pappalardo, Joseph F. By Fred & Karol Pappalardo
Pappalardo, Josephine By Family
Pappalardo, Thomas By Family
Pappalardo, Verna Ann By Family
Parasiliti, Peter M/M By M/M Tony Raffa
Parinella, Cyril By Fudge & Deb Parinella
Parinella, Samuel Sr. By Fudge Deb & Kids
Park, Eaton “Parkie” By Robert G. Johnson
Park, Willard & Phillis By Joe & Bev DeMarco
Pasquale, M/M Theodora M By Ted Pasquale
Pasquale, Ted By Friends and Family
Pasquale, Ted “Coach” By ’75 Washington Lobos Football Team
Paterniti, Amy by Maurice Paterniti
Paterniti, Denny By Rick
Paterniti, Joe “Pepsi” By Family
Paterniti, John By Family
Paterniti, Joseph Dicky By Family
Paul, Reale By Friends
Pellerino, Agostino By Ang Volpe, Jr., Victoria Volpe & Sarah Pellerino
Pellerino, Sarah By Angelo and Vicky Volpe
Pellerito, Fred By Friends and Family
Peppy, Dr. Gerald By Tony & Kristie Peppy and Sam Peppy
Peppy, Jerry By Mike Guinta
Peppy, Samuel By Sons Jack & Jerry
Peterson, Leland C. By Family
Pettibone, Belinda By IA Committee
Piatz, Samuel J. M/M Bruce Piatz
Piazza, Jennie By Leslie & Joe Liuzzo
Pisano, Phil By Russ & Alice Certo
Papa Carl “The Four Time Champ” By Grandchildren
Pillittieri, Carl Sr. By Bob Johnson
Pillittieri, Carl Sr. By Phil Cammarrata Jr.
Pillittieri, Carl Sr. By Chris And Karla D’Angelo
Pillittieri, Carlo Sr. By Maurice Paterniti
Pillittieri, Peter M/M By Grandchildren
Pinciaro, Grace Ann By Richard & Kim Pinciaro
Pollino, Bobby Bonnie & Marv Eimiller
Pollino, Bobby Kurt & Ken Eimiller
Pollino, Robert “Bobby” By Dad & Linda
Prinzi, Anthony F. Jr. By The Prinzi Family
Prinzi, Mary Cappa By Michael & Tiffany Prinzi
Raeon, Don & Della By Son and Daughter
Raeon, Donald & Della By Grandchildren
Raeon, Donald & Della By Raeon & Guarnieri Family
Reple, Sandy & Grace By Buddy Reple
Restivo, Carl By Ben Conti
Restivo, Carl By Dr. John M. LaMancuso, MD
Restivo, Carl “Rasty” By IA Committee
Restivo, Carl J. By Stella & Children
Restivo, Joe By Wife Rose
Restivo, Joseph By Wife & Family
Restivo, Sam Sr. By Friends and Family
Restivo, Sam Sr. By Jon DeAngelo and Family
Restivo, Sam Sr. By Ann & Ben Conti
Restivo, Samuel By Dr. John M. LaMancuso MD
Restivo, Stella By Pete & Heidi Pillittieri
Restivo, Stella By Bob Cordosi
Restivo, Stella By Pete & Heidi Pillittieri
Restivo, Stella By Pete & Heidi Pillittieri
Restivo, Stella By Sally Corkery & Ted Bogdan
Restivo, Stella By Jack & Betty Munella
Restivo, Stella By Gerald & Donna Peppy
Restivo, Stella By Mr & Mrs Robert Pollino
Restivo, Stella By Cecil & Lisa Miller
Restivo, Stella By Sue, Stacey & Christine
Restivo, Stella By Jim & Pattie Todaro
Restivo, Stella By By Jon DeAngelo
Restivo, Stella By Ben & Ann Conti
Restivo, Stella By IA Committee
Restivo, Stella Marie Barresi By Douglas & Laurie Bedient
Restivo, Tom Wife & Children Stella
Ribuado, Sal By Joe Ribaudo
Richard, Brenda By Ron & Kelly Madden
Richard, Brenda J. Madden By Family
Ricotta, Philip S. By M/M Philip T. Ricotta
Rizzo, Joseph By Stephen J. Tollivoro, Jr.
Rizzo, Joseph By Theresa Klein & Tricia Shelley
Rizzo, Joseph A. By Robert Cordosi
Rizzo, Joseph A. By Anthony Cordosi
Rizzo, Joseph A. By Bemus Point Faculty Association (BPFA)
Roselli, Roger D. By Friends and Family
Ruggerio, Joe By Ben & Ann Conti
Runfola, Rose & James By Family
Russo, M/M James By Family
Sabino, Pat By Family
Sabino, Patsy By Sabino Family
Scalise, Doris F. By Friends
Scalise, Doris F. By Jon and Sally Scalise
Scalise, Jack By M/M Jack Scalise
Scalise, Joseph “Papa Joe” By Friends
Scalise, Joseph “Papa Joe” By Jon & Sally Scalise
Scalise, Sr. Andy By Family
Scheira, Barb By Family
Schneider, Annie By Ben Conti
Schneider, Annie By Jack & Betty
Schuver, Marv By Buzz & MaryJo
Sember, John By Rich Fischer
Sgro, John By Brother Joe
Shagle, Rick G. “Shadubie” By Class of 1979 Friends
Shelley, Nick By Pete & Carol Cardinale
Shelley, Nick By Tar Enterprises, LLC
Shelley, Nick By Tommy Tantillo
Shelley, Nick By Chris Prinzi
Shelley, Nick By The Panebiancos
Shelley, Nick By Mike and Nancy Anderson
Shelley, Nicholas By Rex & Micki McCray
Sinatra, Joseph P. By Family
Sischo, Malcolm & Joyce By Steve Sischo
Smeraldo, Joe & Irene By Son Patrick
Smith, R. Theodore & Kevin By Toni and S. John Conti
Smith, Thomas & Shirley Joslyn By M/M Richard Joslyn
Smithies, Avery By Randy Nelson
Smrekar Jr., Frank By Ralph D’Angelo
Soldano, Marion By M/M Tom Johnson
Soldano, Mary J. By M/M Tom Johnson
Sorg, Rob By Joe Frangione
Spitale, Basil By George Spitale
Spitale, Ann By George Spitale
Speziale, Santa By M/M Peter Morgan
Sprigg, Carrie By Bob & Sally Buffone
Steed, Doug By John & Becky
Stewart, Hugh By Todd & Pam Frangione
Studd, Mark By Michele Raeon & Marshall Studd
Swan, Gene Sr. By Swan Painting
Swan, Gene Sr. & Betty By Gene, Gary, Norm, Ken, Roy & Gayle
Szpaicher, Ed By Jay & Marcia Stoddard
Szpaicher, Ed By Holiday Valley Resort
Tabone, Gertrude By Bill Miley
Tane, Vangel & Rosalie By Van, Emmy, Denise
Tane, Vangel & Rosalie By Van Jr., Conni & Family
Tane, Vangel M/M By Anderson Floral Supply
Vanstry, Bob By Ben & Ann Conti
Tantillo, Jack & Jean By Familiy
Tarbrake, The Family By Mark, Christine & Girls
Teresi, Marion & Rose By M/M Anthony Galbato
Teresi, Rose and Tony By Sam and Becky Teresi
Thomas, Elana Rita By Son & Daughter
Thorpe, David J. By Mark & Bonnie Thorpe
Todaro, James By Jon DeAngelo
Todaro, James By Jim & Pattie Todaro
Tomassini, Ray By JHS Class of 1979
Tota, Anthony By Dan Tota & Family
Tota, Mr. William By Beuf & Family
Traniello, Roseanne By Dom and Lisa Conti
Traniello, Roseanne By Phil -N- Cindy’s
Traniello, Sr. Patsy A. By Family
Trass, LaMancuso, Marion By Sam & Dorothy LaMancuso
Trippi, Mary By Husband & Son
Triscari, Carmelo B. By Family
Triscari Mrs. Carmella By Family
Triscari, Anthony C. By Family
Triscari, Josephine By Family
Triscari, Ross By Family
Triscari, Sylvia By Anthony Trippi
Triscari, VanEvery, Mary By Friends and Family
Trout, Don “Ernie” By The Foti Family
Trusso, Basil (Fuzzy) By Matt Trusso
Trusso, Carol By Family
Trusso, Matthew By Gary & Elaine Regelman
Trusso, Tom Sr. By Family
Trusso, Tom Sr. By Gabe
Trusso, Tom Sr. I Miss You, Brother Matt
Trussalo, Sebastian “Busty” & Frances The Trussalo Family
Tuccio, Anthony F. By Dan and Beth Hocking
Tuccio, Anthony F. By Tuccio Family
Tumminia, Joseph By Jim Tumminia
Tumminia, Joseph By Nellie & James Tumminia
Uhl, Jen By Mark Panebianco
Vassalo, Frank By IA Committee
Vassalo, Frank By Patti Crist
Vassallo, Sara By Jim and Elaine Connelly
Vassallo, Sara By Friends and Family
Vicario, Joseph By Wife & Children
Vilardo, Carol By Children
Vitello, Jean By Anthony Vitello & Family
Vitello, Joseph By Tony Vitello
Vitello, Pete By Family
Volpe, Angelo J. “Screech” By Wife Mary
Volpe, Angelo J. “Screech” By Angelo Jr. & Victoria
Volpe, Angelo J. “Screech” By Son Charles Volpe
Volpe, Buddy By Sandy Volpe
Volpe, Chuck By Angelo and Vicky Volpe
Volpe, Peter By Angelo and Vicky Volpe
Volpe, Sandy By Sandy Jr. & Pat
Vullo, Samuel By Sally Vullo & Family
Vullo, Sally By Sebastian J. Trusso
Weis, Steve By Jim and Marie Barone
White, Renal By Ann & Ben Conti
Wilcox, Jean H. By George Panebianco & John O’mara
Wybernec, Ted By Family
Yager, Donald W. By Gary Yager
Yachetta, Chuck The Sinatra Family
Yezzi, Robert By Mike Yezzi
Yezzi, Tammy By Mom and Dad

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