Consiglio, Dankovich Shoot Opening 57

By The Post-Journal

Jasyn Consiglio and Josh Dankovich had some kind of start at the 47th annual Italian-American Charity Golf Tournament on Thursday.

But so too did Nick Munella and Jake Dwaileebe.

It was that kind of day at Holiday Valley Resort.

Consiglio and Dankovich fired a net best-ball 13-under 57 in the opening round, but Munella and Dwaileebe were only one shot behind after fashioning a nifty 58. Other top rounds in the First Flight were turned in by the teams of Tommy Tantillo-Nick Bell and Henry Mole-Tom Ames when they each shot an 8-under 62.

There is a three-way deadlock for the lead in the Second Flight as the teams of Tony Vitello-John Deppas, Fred Pellerito-Dan Cheney and Ray Paladino-Dan Wells finished with 65s. Anthony Tuccio and Dan Hocking pace the Third Flight after shooting a 67; and eight teams — Ang Volpe-Jim Brown, Jim Todaro-Tom Yocum, Sam Restivo-Billy Miley, Adam Mason-Pat MacIntyre, Sandy Volpe-Jamie Barton, John Calimeri-Andrew Casselman, Tom D’Angelo-Steve Johnson and Joe Ribaudo-Scott Crist — are tied for first in the Fourth Flight with a 69.

In the Fifth Flight, the teams of Gregg Pietrocarlo-Hans Auer, Dennis Palermo-Bernie Auer, Sam LaMancuso-Matt Hartweg, Mark Panebianco-Sean Larson and Sam Mason-Craig Glatz are tied after shooting a 70.

The Sixth Flight was more of the same as seven teams are deadlocked at 72. They are Pete Pillittieri-Andy Sandstrom, Carl Pillittieri-Dave Bogdan, John Lisciandro-Rick Joslyn, Joe Sinatra-Mike Sard, Sam Triscari-Greg Noon, Chris Cusimano-Josh Nelson and Ray Fashano-Marty Stockwell.

Mike Panebianco and Nick Shelley pace the Seventh Flight with a 73.

The second round is today followed by the final round on Saturday. The overall champion and runners-up can come from any flight.

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